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Great speech by Adair Turner, Chairman of Britain's FSA. "This was not just a crisis of specific institutions or regulations, but of economic theory." (h/t Max)

The World Bank's Caroline Freund asks, "What is holding back African exports"?

Rachel Kyte's recommended reading for an overview of climate finance issues.

Our East Asia blog discusses a poll revealing that average citizens in China, Vietnam and Indonesia favor action on climate change, even if there are costs

The latest word in repairing global imbalances: "Sit bank and relax: US and China, this is going to take a while"

Gillian Tett explains why London's role in global finance is being undermined. It's not about new taxes.

Global imbalances vs the NBA: Yao Ming edition.

Cool economics quiz from the New York Times.

Ukraine has requested a $2bn emergency loan from the IMF. The fund has already paid out $11bn.

Matt Taibbi's latest polemic: Obama's economic team has replaced Goldman Sachs as his bête noir. Plus, a rebuttal.

Australians have the biggest houses in the world.

"The Funniest 750 Words of the Financial Crisis."

And finally, optimism is on the rise: Donald Trump expresses total confidence in... Donald Trump!

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