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Regulatory failure, special interests, and financial sector lobbying: European Union edition.

Negative interest rates on T-bills: This time is different.

"The fact that oil is trading at $80 a barrel in this climate should tell you that it is trading more as a financial asset than on supply/demand imbalances".

California is doing its part in the fight against deflation, one university at a time.

The recession is having quite an impact on migration trends in the United States. Plus, our People Move blog looks at new remittance data.

Tyler Cowen describes these two posts from Paul Krugman and Brad Delong as "critically important stuff and two of the best recent economics blog posts, in some time."

War is brewing in the financial blogosphere.

Matthew Yglesias thinks that Chinese leverage over the US is overblown.

More emerging market attempts to stop the appreciation of their currencies.

Finally, as the US gets ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, Adam Gopnik analyzes our hunger for cookbooks.

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