Weekend Reading

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The FT profiles each of the Federal Reserve's doves and hawks.

Plus, the case for Fed independence.

Does car sharing take cars off the road? Or just put walkers into cars?

Another PR disaster for Goldman.

Paul Krugman praises the German labor market, while Yves Smith takes it one step further.

Hong Kong's leader, Donald Tsang, thinks that the United States is following in Japan's footsteps.

Ghost Towns in China. Or, the flaws of GDP.

"Excluding OPEC and China, America's balance of trade has improved". A weaker dollar/stronger yuan can help the latter, but may end up exacerbating the former.

Where the jobs aren't.

Will freer trade create stable food prices?

Finally, The World Bank is having a Conference on Entrepreneurship and Growth throughout next week, which is open to the public. Recommended.

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