Who's keeping Africa down: politicians or unfair trade structures?

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AfricaListen to four experts spar on what presents the biggest impediment to African development: poor governance or trade barriers.

Richard Cockett, the Economist's Africa Editor, quoting the Nigerian experience, said that political reform, not aid nor trade, is key to growth in the continent that is more deeply corrupt than any other part of the world.

Mike Gidney, from Fairtrade Foundation disagrees. He argues that corruption is not limited to Africa and pointing fingers at politicians has limited effectiveness: "politicians can't possibly generate the development impact that could be achieved through an increase in trade."

The debate, which included Kenyan filmmaker and activist June Arunga and professor Tunde Zack-Williams, took place on June 2 and was a part of the Hay Festival dubbed the 'Woodstock of the mind.'

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