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According to UNESCO “By 2003, current estimates indicated that ‘the historic threshold of 100 million students worldwide has been crossed and the prospect of reaching the figure of 125 million students will be attained before 2020.” (UNESCO, 2003) 

This sounds impressive but is it really so when we have over 6.6 billion people (over 9 billion people by 2050)?  What about non-traditional learners?  Who is left out of educational opportunity?  Too many people.  I believe, this is why our discussion is very important.  I hope this discussion will help us come up with a strategy which will provide a framework for the necessary policy development and regulations.  I’d like to make a few suggestions:

  1. need to identify the stakeholders and their roles (i.e.,
    governments, accreditation organizations, private institutions, NGOs,
    community leaders, parents, and students).
  2. need to come up with ideas or solutions to overcome the challenges.
  3. need to identify resources to meet these challenges (i.e., economic incentives for private education operators).
  4. need to have clear policies and regulations to make sure the quality of
    education is measured and assessed (i.e., a diploma should be
    acceptable to any country). 

Dennis Anderson

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