World Bank Events Shout-Out

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The World Bank and IFC are featuring several excellent events this week that are well-worth attending.

On Thursday and Friday, a Conference on Entrepreneurship and Growth will be held in at the World Bank's main headquarters. Topics range from "Promoting Business Formalization and Growth" to "Firm Dynamics and Size". Dozens of speakers will be featured, from both inside and outside the Bank.

Next, Infoshop will be hosting a discussion this Thursday with Robert Skidelsky, who has just finished his latest book, Keynes: The return of the master. I am especially fond of Skidelsky, and look forward to hearing his thoughts on how Keynesianism is back with a vengeance as a result of the financial crisis. The conversation begins at 12:30pm EST.

All events are open to the public. If you are not in the Washington area or are unable to attend, fear not! I will be Tweeting highlights from each event as they unfold. (If you missed this morning's conference on achieving scale in entrepreneurship, you can view a summary on Twitter).

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