Ahmed  Faragallah

Ahmed Faragallah

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank

Ahmed Faragallah is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank, working for the Payment Systems Development Group (PSDG). The PSDG is responsible for providing Global support to WB clients for payment systems, market infrastructure, remittances, and payment aspects of financial inclusion. Ahmed leads several WB projects in Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kyrgyz Republic, Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen, Mauritania, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan; and co-chairs the electronic payment acceptance global initiative. He worked with market Infrastructure projects like RTGS, CSD, Cards Switch, Fast payment system, and ACH; fintech initiatives, financial inclusion, including regulations of mobile wallets, interoperability, card regulations; and AML simplified due diligence. Before joining the WB, Ahmed managed the Payment Systems Department in the Central Bank of Egypt for twelve years and worked for IBM for seven years. He holds a Certificate in Fintech from Harvard University. He holds an MBA from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA. He graduated from faculty of Engineering, ASU, Egypt.