Ali Hashim

Ali Hashim

Treasury Systems Consultant

Dr Ali Hashim has over 40 years experience in guiding and managing the planning, design, and implementation of a diverse set of informatics projects for large government, other public sector and international organizations.  He worked as a World Bank Staff member for 25 years and retired as a Lead Treasury Systems Specialist He continues to work as a consultant to the Bank.

Ali Hashim  has a Ph.D.  from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London,  U.K. and has completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the National Research Council of Canada in Ottawa.

At the World Bank he was responsible for preparing, appraising and supervising projects in a number of member countries involving the design development and implementation of Government Fiscal Management Information Systems. Amongst the projects that he has managed or participated in, as a Lead Specialist are:  IFMIS / Treasury Systems projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Hungary, Ghana, Pakistan,  Maldives, Nepal, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and several others.

He has documented his experience gathered in the design, development and implementation of Bank projects for setting up institutions and information systems for government fiscal management in several countries, in a number of World Bank/IMF publications.