Alicia Hammond

Alicia Hammond

Digital Development Specialist

Alicia S. Hammond is a Digital Development Specialist with the Digital Development Global Practice. She serves as the Gender Lead and contributes to the design of Digital Development projects with a focus on promoting inclusive digital infrastructure, digital skills, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. Alicia also leads on women’s economic empowerment for the G2Px initiative—a partnership that aims to advance women’s economic empowerment, financial inclusion, and government fiscal savings through the digitization of government-to-person payments. 

Prior to joining the digital development team, Alicia served as the Lead on Technology and Innovation with the Gender Group. During this time, she contributed to the preparation and design of operations with a focus on promoting inclusive digital infrastructure, digital skills programs, as well as digital innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. She has also developed research on advancing the participation of women in technology and other infrastructure sectors, including: The Equality Equation: Advancing the Participation of Women and Girls in STEM; Stepping Up Women’s STEM Careers in Infrastructure: An Overview of Promising Approaches; and Women wavemakers: practical strategies for recruiting and retaining women in coding bootcamps. 

Prior to joining the World Bank in 2013, Alicia worked at the Women and Public Policy Program, a research institute based at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has also worked with UNICEF, UN Foundation, UN Women, and the Planning Institute of Jamaica in her home country (an agency of the Office of the Prime Minister).          

She holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics and Human Security (Gender, Human Rights, and Development) from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and French from Mount Holyoke College.