Alp Arslan  Aziz

Alp Arslan Aziz

Consultant - Data Scientist

Alp Arslan Aziz is a Data Scientist consultant in the Development Economics Data Group. His primary project is the Development Data Hub (DDH). He specializes in automating data harvesting and data quality checks, along with creating open-source statistical packages in the R programming language. Alp has a diverse background; he’s worked in realms of international trade and development, along with working for a successful startup in Washington, DC. In his spare time, he teaches Computer Science at The American University. He instructs students on concepts of algorithms & data structures, and how to apply these concepts in processing vast amounts of data across industries. Alp completed his Bsc. in Economics from The George Washington University then transitioned to a Msc. in Computer Science, focusing on statistical computing for big data analysis.