Aminath  Shauna

Aminath Shauna

Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Maldives

Aminath Shauna is the Maldives’ Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology. Her portfolio includes, protecting the natural environment and its resources, action and advocacy on climate change, science and technology development, and the implementation of policies and regulations related to the provision of energy, telecommunications, water, and waste management. She also provides policy direction to the Ministry’s affiliated agencies, namely, the Environmental Protection Agency, Utility Regulatory Authority, Communications Authority of Maldives, National Centre for Information Technology, Maldives Meteorological Service, and the Biosphere Reserve Office. Prior to her appointment as Minister, Shauna served as Policy Secretary to H.E President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih where she was responsible for oversight of the implementation and coordination of government policies, as well as advising the President on policy issues.