Andry  Ravololonjatovo

Andry Ravololonjatovo

Interpreter and coach

In the daytime, Andry is known to many as the “daddy of robotics and coding” for kids in Madagascar. In the night time, he wears his cape of translator and writer.

With a literary background, graduating in English at University, Andry does not code at all. Instead, he decodes hard sciences to make them more comprehensible to simple minds. He first got involved in STEM education in 2014 as a community grower at CoderDojo, the very first coding club for kids in the country. He co-founded and helped handcraft the CoderBus in 2015, a mobile classroom driving coding knowledge into communities. He then grew to become one of the leaders of the movement, which later became STEMFORGOOD, sparking and nurturing passion for science and technology among young kids in Madagascar.

He is also known as the interpreter and coach of the Malagasy Grand Prize winner of the Anzisha Prize in 2016, rewarding the most deserving young African entrepreneurs.