Anna Bjerde

Anna Bjerde

World Bank Managing Director of Operations

Anna Bjerde is the World Bank’s Managing Director of Operations since April 3, 2023.

The Office of the Managing Director brings together the Operations Units of the World Bank which includes the Regional Vice Presidencies and Operational Policy and Country Services. The World Bank’s Fragile, Conflict and Violence Global Themes Department also reports to the Managing Director. World Bank operations comprise an active portfolio of 1,813 projects to a value of $300 billion. Annual lending has averaged around $65 billion over the past three years. The operational complex of the World Bank also produces groundbreaking analytical work informing policy reforms, priority investments, technical assistance, and targeted poverty reduction. World Bank operations are grounded in a country-based model and focus on responding to the crises of recent years and medium-term development priorities including addressing challenges like poverty reduction, equitable growth, and climate change.

Prior to assuming the role of Managing Director, Ms. Bjerde served as Vice President for Europe and Central Asia, where she led the World Bank’s efforts to steer the region through a series of overlapping global shocks—the COVID-19 pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis, natural disasters, and the World Bank’s large-scale response to Ukraine.

She previously worked as Director of Strategy and Operations for the Middle East and North Africa region. Between 2015-2018, she oversaw the World Bank’s strategies, lending, and analytical work for Sustainable Development, covering all the World Bank’s regions. She was also the Director of Strategy and Operations in the Europe and Central Asia region in 2014-15. Ms. Bjerde held a leadership role overseeing the World Bank’s operations in Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in the Africa region between 2011-2013.

Ms. Bjerde has over 30 years of experience working in development across sectors and regions, with a specific interest in inclusive growth and sustainable infrastructure development. She is a recognized and experienced leader with a strong track record of delivering large client programs, mobilizing resources, managing, and motivating extensive and decentralized workforces and forging strong bilateral and multilateral partnerships.

Ms. Bjerde holds a Master’s in Business and Economics from the University of Stockholm.