Antonio Huerta-Goldman

Financial consultant

Antonio Huerta-Goldman is a financial consultant in areas such as transport, energy, and infrastructure.  His professional background allows him to have peripheral vision and integrate approach which combines public and private sectors perspective. His background includes positions in corporate sector such as Director for Public Sector & Infrastructure in Latin American for Standard & Poor´s, General Manager for a financial leasing company. He also has Public sector experience since he worked as General Director of Private Investment Unit at the Ministry of Energy of Mexican Federal Government and Chief Advisor of the Ministry of Finance and of the State Government of Jalisco (Second largest state in Mexico).  During his most recent five-year tenure in the consultancy industry, Mr. Huerta-Goldman has been focused in designing financial models and socio-economic analysis for urban transport, energy, railroad, highways, PPP´s projects. Mr. Huerta Goldman has been involved in the designing of sustainable financial solution for environmental challenges. Mr. Huerta-Goldman received his Master in Social Science in Money, Banking & Finance from the University of Birmingham in United Kingdom and he received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from ITESO at Guadalajara, Mexico. Mr. Huerta-Goldman was a Board Member of the Clean Development Mechanisms –CDM- under the UNFCCC, representing Latin American & the Caribbean Region.