Chadi Nachabe

Chadi Nachabe

Founder of Trablos Ahla, President of Tripoli Youth Council

Born in Tripoli 1984, Chadi Nachabe is a Lebanese social and political activist, a member of Tripoli municipal council, founder of Trablos Ahla and president of Tripoli Youth Council, Former Minister of Youth and Sports in the “Shadow Government” in 2011 and member of many local and regional networks related to youth, women, elections, local development, decentralization and access to information.

Since university years, Chadi has been politically active through engaging in various clubs and NGOs focusing on many social, economic and political reform issues.

Following his graduation, he got highly involved in working with Lebanese Civil Society on several issues related to socioeconomic development, political reforms, good governance, youth empowerment, citizen’s participation and business/social entrepreneurship.

Chadi created local committees in the different marginalized areas to build a strong relationship and advocate for their needs, and he lead several campaigns in Lebanon related to reform and improve the conditions in the marginalized areas in the countries.

Chadi led several successful advocacy campaigns in Lebanon where they achieved their goals, and currently he is doing several campaigns related to reform and needed issues for Citizens.

Chadi holds a Master degree in Political Science and Bachelor degree in Public Administration and Diplomacy, both from Notre Dame University, Lebanon.