Charles Schneider

Senior Operations Officer, International Finance Corporation

Charles has worked for the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Myanmar since August 2012. He is currently leading IFC’s work in Myanmar to assist the government’s legal and regulatory reform program for improving the private sector investment climate. Key programs include supporting the government with its investment law and policy as well as to establish the Myanmar Business Forum, a platform for structured public-private dialogue on investment climate issues.
He joined IFC in 2006 as Resident Representative for Lao PDR and moved to Cambodia in 2008 where he was Resident Representative for two years. During that time Charles also led IFC’s Investment Climate work in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR, which also focused on improving the legal and regulatory environment for private sector development. From 2012 to 2013, Charles was IFC’s first Resident Representative in Myanmar where he led the establishment of the IFC office and program in the country.
He has worked in Asia since 1992 in nine countries on projects supported by several development agencies and as a private sector consultant. He has an M.A. from Syracuse University. Charles is a United States national.