Chiara  Dell’Aira

Chiara Dell’Aira

Nutrition and Global Health Consultant, World Bank

Chiara is a nutrition and global health professional currently working as a consultant at the World Bank. Since joining the Bank in 2017, Chiara has provided technical and analytical support to health and nutrition projects through research and global engagement activities, as well as collaborating with multidisciplinary teams on the intersection of nutrition with agriculture, climate, gender, and food security. 

She holds a Master of Science in Global Health and a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and has extensive field experience in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Panama. Prior to joining the World Bank, Chiara held positions in a variety of contexts, including the Pan American Health Organization, as well as in academia, NGO and local government, where she supported capacity development, research activities, and contributed to implementing health and nutrition interventions on the ground.