Christie Banda

Christie Banda

Guest Blogger

Christie Banda, an enthusiastic activist against gender-based violence (GBV), has dedicated her work to empowering survivors and dismantling the structures that perpetuate GBV. As the head of Foundation for Civic Education and Social Empowerment (FOCESE, Malawi), a cornerstone of the global Spotlight Initiative, Christie has spearheaded initiatives that have transformed the lives of over 1,000 survivors of GBV. Leveraging her eight years of experience, Christie has fostered collaboration among diverse stakeholders, establishing robust referral pathways to ensure that survivors receive comprehensive care. Her unwavering commitment to justice extends to advocating for survivors' voices to be heard and their perpetrators brought to account.

Through FOCESE, Christie has championed economic empowerment as a cornerstone of survivor recovery, spearheading vocational training and skills development programs, livelihood support initiatives, income-generating activities, microfinance and small business development schemes, and an education sponsorship program. These programs provide survivors with the tools and resources they need to rebuild their lives, achieve financial independence, and break the cycle of violence.

In her dissertation, completed in 2023, Christie investigates the intricate relationship between gender policy compliance and the meaningful participation of women in leadership. Her research sheds light on the critical role that effective gender policies play in fostering an environment where women's voices are heard and their leadership potential is fully realized.

Through her work, Christie challenges the status quo and advocates for a paradigm shift in leadership structures, one that embraces the full spectrum of women's talents and expertise.