Cissy N. Kiyaga

Cissy N. Kiyaga

Product and Business Development Manager, Buganda Land Board, Uganda

As the Product and Business Development Manager Buganda Land Board, Cissy N. Kiyaga embeds women in all her services and projects.

Cissy joined Buganda Land Board in 2015 as a Project Coordinator where she led the Mass Registration Project and thereafter the Lease Access Financing Initiative, a program designed to make credit available to the low-income communities for acquiring land titles.

She was the General Manager of Buganda Land Development Cooperative Financial Services, a microfinance within the Buganda Kingdom intended to enable transformation of lives of the poor and vulnerable. She also worked with the Ministry of Tourism as a Resource Mobiliser for projects empowering young girls.

Cissy is passionate about women’s rights, social and community development, and has embedded that passion in all her roles. She has been trained by UN-ARII 2019 and African Women in Leadership Institute. She holds a Bachelors’ degree in Social Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Management.