Cristina  Stefan

Cristina Stefan

Senior Risk Monitoring Specialist

Cristina Stefan joined the World Bank as part of the FCV/GCRP team, in the role of Sr. Risk Monitoring Specialist, leading the design and implementation of a cross-World Bank initiative on multi-sector risk modelling and early warning system that integrates analysis of conflict, natural disasters, food insecurity and pandemics, called the Global Crisis Risk Platform (GCRP). Cristina has 9 years of experience as a Life & Health Actuary, focused on insurance product design and pricing. Prior to joining the Bank she was Head of Insurance Solutions at Metabiota, an infectious disease risk analytic company, where she was leading projects focused on modeling and quantifying the microeconomic impact of infectious disease risk on companies’ and insurance portfolios, and the macroeconomic impact of pandemics. Her most recent work revolves around collaboration with international organizations for the development of parametric sovereign insurance products aiming at closing the epidemic insurance gap and improving containment measures for countries considered to be “at-risk”. She was also heavily involved in the development and operationalization of vulnerability indices (pandemic preparedness index, pandemic fear index) that support the definition of payout triggers for novel parametric insurance products covering the vulnerability of the private markets to epidemic catastrophic events.