Daniel  Zelikow

Daniel Zelikow

Vice Chair, Public Sector; Global Co-Head of Infrastructure Finance and Advisory; Chair of the Governing Board of J.P. Morgan’s Development Finance Institution; GIF Advisory Council Co-Chair

Daniel leads a team that manages J.P. Morgan's business with public sector clients, such as central banks, sovereign wealth funds, public pensions, governments and their agencies, and international institutions. From 2015–2022, he co-founded and co-headed a global team responsible for providing financing, structuring and advisory services to the firm’s clients involved in sponsoring and investing in infrastructure around the world. In 2020, he launched J.P. Morgan’s Development Finance Institution to scale up the firm’s financing of development challenges in emerging markets and to promote development finance as a tradable asset class. 

Prior to re-joining J.P. Morgan in 2010, Daniel was the Executive Vice President and CEO of the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C. where he was instrumental in defining a new corporate strategy, doubling the volume of client operations, devising and executing the IADB’s response to the global financial crisis, and bringing about significant management and financial reforms. He also chaired the management committees on policy, operations, and risk, and he chaired the Board of Executive Directors in the president’s absence.

Daniel was previously with J.P. Morgan and headed the firm’s emerging markets sovereign debt origination and its liability management group. He also managed a New York-based investment banking practice focused on government financial institutions, multilateral development banks, export credit agencies and sovereigns.

Prior to joining J.P. Morgan in 1999, he held key positions in the U.S. Treasury, where he was Deputy Assistant Secretary responsible for financial policy towards countries in the Americas, Asia, and Africa and was also the founding director of the Treasury's Office of Technical Assistance. Daniel holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a D.Phil from Oxford University. He serves on several for-profit and non-profit boards.