David Dollar

David Dollar

China and Mongolia

David Dollar, a US national, worked for five years as the World Bank’s Country Director for China and Mongolia in the East Asia and Pacific Region. In July 2009, after 20 years at the Bank, he started a new position representing the United States Treasury in Beijing. (Read his farewell blog post here.)

Before becoming Country Director, Mr. Dollar worked as Director for the development research department of the World Bank, overseeing the Bank’s research on the investment climate and growth. He co-authored World Bank reports on Globalization, Growth, and Poverty and Assessing Aid. His earlier work focused on aid and growth, and the determinants of the success and failure of reform programs supported by structural adjustment lending. He has been a key World Bank spokesperson on investment climate, globalization, and the effectiveness of aid.

Mr. Dollar joined the Bank in 1989 as an Economist in the Asia Region. He worked as the country economist for Vietnam through 1995. He advised the economic leaders of that country during a period of stabilization and transition to a market economy, and prepared the first World Bank country assistance strategies to support that transition.

Prior to joining the Bank, Mr. Dollar was on the faculty of the Department of Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles; he has published widely in the areas of productivity growth, technology transfer, and development in East Asia. As a professor, he spent a semester teaching at the Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. He has a PhD in economics from New York University and a B.A. in Chinese history and language from Dartmouth College.