Delphine  Arri

Delphine Arri

Senior Environmental Engineer

Delphine Arri is supporting Pacific Island Countries, Indonesia and China to prevent plastic and marine pollution, after having led the development of the World Bank Group’s comprehensive approach on marine plastic and pollution prevention across all sectors of the World Bank and IFC. Delphine is also one of the core team members who established the PROBLUE program and managed its pillar on marine pollution. She is a lead author of the Environment flagship report and tools on the Pathways out of Plastic Pollution. Delphine has 20 years of experience in solid waste and pollution management, including private and public sector work at the World Bank and the IFC. She holds a PhD in Geochemistry and Hydrogeology from Mines School of Paris, France and has a Master of Geology and Earth sciences from the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris and University Paris 6 and 11