Elena  Altieri

Elena Altieri

Unit Head, Behavioural Insights Unit, WHO

Elena Altieri has over twenty years of experience working on behaviour change for several international organizations, in more than 40 countries across all regions. She worked on a wide range of social and health issues such as natural disasters prevention, people trafficking, social inclusion, hearing and safe listening, unintentional injury prevention and road safety. A practitioner, she has applied social and behavioural science to policy making and programme design and implementation, but also to strategic communications and capacity building. Most recently she created the Behavioural Insights Unit at the World Health Organization which she currently leads; the unit is responsible for mainstreaming the use of behavioral science in the work of the organization and of its partners. Prior to joining WHO in 2011, Elena specialized in socio-economic development in Latin America. She has a Master Degree in Direction of Communications with a focus on marketing from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain; and an M.B.A. in International Health Management from the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute in Basel, Switzerland.