Emil-Sever  Georgescu

Emil-Sever Georgescu

Civil Engineer

Emil-Sever Georgescu is a civil Engineer, graduated Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, with a PhD thesis on seismic risk management. He attended training courses in Japan (1979, 1991-1992, 2005) and is author of many papers and three books on seismic risk management, earthquake scenarios for Bucharest and Romania, earthquake education and seismic risk perception, knowledge dissemination, heritage conservation etc. He is president of the Scientific Council of the URBAN-INCERC Institute, Senior Researcher on Seismic Risk with the INCERC Bucharest Branch, Member of Permanent Technical Secretariat of the Ministry Committee for Earthquake and Landslide Disaster Defense of the MPWDA (Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration). He was also involved in the World Bank Project for establishing the ongoing insurance pool for natural hazards and has been responsible for the National Program of Earthquake Preparedness Education of Population since 1990. He is also the Vice-President of the Technical Committee on Natural Hazards and Risks (CT-S1 MPWDA) and a Consultant to support the National Committee of Emergency Situations.