Enrique  Delamónica

Enrique Delamónica

Senior Adviser Statistics and Monitoring (Child Poverty and Gender Equality) Data & Analytics Section, Division of Data, Analytics, Planning & Monitoring, UNICEF

Enrique Delamónica, the UNICEF Statistics and Monitoring Senior Adviser for Child Poverty and Gender Equality, was Social and Economic Policy Regional Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean and Chief of Social Policy and Gender Equality in Nigeria.

He has written and co-edited books and articles on economic development, children’s rights, social protection, macroeconomic trends impacting on children, socioeconomic disparities, the green economy, quality of life, social exclusion and discrimination, and financing social services - always focused on improving the lives of children, adolescents, and their families.

He has advanced degrees in political science and economics. He has taught economic principles, macroeconomic policy, international development, policy analysis, statistics, and research methods at, among other places, Columbia University, the New School for Social Research, and Saint Peter’s College (New Jersey). He is at the board of the Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare, and Social Policy of the International Sociological Association.