Fadia Saadah

Fadia Saadah

Regional Director for Human Development in Middle East and North Africa Region

Dr. Fadia Saadah is currently the Regional Director for Human Development in Middle East and North Africa Region. Throughout a more than 30-year career at the World Bank, she has held various leadership positions, including Regional Director for Human Development in Europe and Central Asia Region; Practice Director of the Global Practice for Health, Nutrition, and Population; and Manager at Operational Policy and Country Services.

Dr. Saadah has been instrumental in driving significant modernization and reform efforts at the World Bank. She spearheaded the introduction and implementation of the Program-for-Results, a groundbreaking financing instrument that has had a major impact on how the World Bank operates. Her strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and ability to manage complex relationships have been crucial in fostering partnerships and delivering results.

With a background in health and human development, Dr. Saadah has developed strategies at both regional and country levels in different regions. She has also led the World Bank's response efforts during health crises such as SARS and Avian Flu. In recent times, she has revitalized the work on human development in the Europe and Central Asia Region and has been actively supporting countries in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Saadah holds a Master's degree in Biostatistics and a PhD in Population Studies from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health and a Master's degree in Epidemiology from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.