Fernanda Ruiz Nunez

Fernanda Ruiz Nunez

Senior Infrastructure Economist, Public-Private Partnerships Group, Infrastructure Finance, PPPs & Guarantees, World Bank

Since she joined the World Bank as a Young Professional in 2007, Fernanda has worked in the Infrastructure sector in the East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean regions. Fernanda has been working at the Bank in both research and operations, focusing mainly on transport, energy, and urban sectors, and providing overall strategic directions and technical inputs on operations and analytical work related to infrastructure policy, economics, and financing.

Her research has focused on various areas of economic and social development, including infrastructure investment assessments, infrastructure gap, city competitiveness, impact evaluation in infrastructure projects, and enabling environments for Public-Private Partnerships. She has been the project coordinator for Benchmarking Infrastructure Development since 2015.

Before joining the Bank, Fernanda worked as a Research Associate in the Institute of Economic Research at the Fundacion Banco Empresario in Argentina, and as a Research Analyst at the Inter-American Development Bank. She was also a lecturer in the Economics Department at the University of Chicago (2003-2005) and at the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman (2000-2002).

A national of Argentina, Fernanda holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago.