Fredrick  Nyagah 

Fredrick Nyagah 

National Founder and Chairperson at the Men Engage Kenya Network

Fredrick J.K Nyagah has over 20 years’ experience in different programmatic areas in Gender, Male engagement, HIV/AIDS, Adolescence Sexual and Reproductive Health. He has worked in diverse cultural settings in Eastern and Southern Africa region. He is the Founder and Chairperson of Men Engage Kenya Network (MenKen) which is an NGO that engages men and boys in the promotion of Gender equality, positive fatherhood and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Before joining the NGO world, he had worked with the ministry of Education as a high school teacher for almost ten years after graduating from Kenyatta University and is working on his thesis for master’s degree in Health Management from the same University. He has done post-graduate courses in Male Involvement, Gender, Adolescents Reproductive Health, Life Skills Education and Advocacy.