Friederike  Rother

Friederike Rother

Senior Social Protection Specialist, World Bank

Friederike Rother is a Senior Social Protection Specialist in the SPJ West Africa unit, where she currently leads youth employment operations in Senegal and Mauritania. In Togo, she designed and led the Employment Opportunities for Vulnerable Youth Project (EJV) and initiated various research initiatives with the GIZ, including the Jobs Diagnostic Togo of which she is a principal author and the value chain analysis. Prior to joining the Africa Region, Friederike worked on both research and operations in the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa Region and the Global Engagement Unit. Most recently, she designed and implemented operations on digital public works (E-work) in the West Bank and Gaza, a meta-analysis of youth employment projects worldwide, and ALMPs and informal sector studies in Jordan to enhance workers’ protection.