Genevieve  Connors

Genevieve Connors

LAC Environment Practice Manager

Genevieve Connors is the Environment Practice Manager for the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Previously, she was manager for Advisory and Operations in the Climate Change Group, where she oversaw tracking and reporting of climate mainstreaming and climate finance in Bank operations. She led this climate team since October 2017 until February 2022. Previously, she was a core member of the Water GP. From 2014-2017 she was the Program Leader for Water and Sustainability in the India Country Office, and was based in New Delhi, where she worked on operations and analytical work in the Bank’s sustainability sectors, including water, environment, agriculture and irrigation, rural development, disaster management and climate change. From 2013-2015, she supervised implementation of the National Ganga River Basin Project, the $1 billion loan to the Government of India to support cleaning of the Ganges River. She was also a core team member of the South Asia Water Initiative (SAWI) which aims to increase regional cooperation in the management of Himalayan river systems. She has a B.A. from Columbia, an M.Phil. from Cambridge, and a Ph.D. from MIT. She joined the Bank as a Young Professional in 2006.