Global Macroeconomics Team

Global Macroeconomics Team


The Economic Monitoring Team is responsible for the Prospects Daily and the Prospects Weekly. The Prospects Daily is compiled each weekday morning to provide an update of the latest developments in world markets, focusing on growth, trade and prices, interest rate policy, as well as commodity markets, and ascertaining the implications for developing countries. 

The Prospects Weekly aims to provide a review and brief analysis of developments in global markets over the previous weekly period, highlighting emerging trends in high-income and developing countries. Typically the Prospects Weekly will be posted each Friday.

Both publications include contributions from the following individuals:

  • John Baffes
  • Derek Chen
  • Raju Huidrom
  • Gerard Kambou
  • Tehmina Khan
  • EJ Kim
  • Franziska Ohnsorge
  • Marc Stocker
  • Ekaterine Vashakmadze