Iguniwari Thomas  Ekeu-Wei

Iguniwari Thomas Ekeu-Wei

Young Professional

Iguniwari is currently a Young Professional in the Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Unit of the Urban, Resilience and Land Global Practice of the World Bank. He supports the Bank’s Climate change and Disaster risk management efforts through various lending operations in South Asia and provides cross-support on urban resilience in West Africa, including mainstreaming disruptive technology into Bank operations.

He joined the World Bank in 2017 as a fellow in the Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice and continued as consultant, working across the Geospatial Operations Support Team, GSURR’s Urban and DRM West Africa Unit and the Governance Global Practice.

He holds a PhD in Geoinformatics and Environmental Modelling from Lancaster University and a master’s degree in Environmental Monitoring and Management from the University of Nottingham.