Innocent  Tuyisenge

Innocent Tuyisenge

Guest Blogger

Innocent Tuyisenge is a young Congolese man who volunteers with non-profit associations such as Amani Institute ASBL and IPDD ASBL. The 24-year-old literature buff lives in Goma in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. His collection of poems has garnered a number of awards. He won first prize (the Alphonse de Lamartine Prix) at the Jeux Floraux du Béarn, a poetry contest held in Pau, and second prize (Business Pitch) at the Innovation Fair in North Kivu. He was the DRC’s 2021 winner of the Blog4dev competition, an annual writing contest organized by the World Bank. He won the prize for poetry at the third staging of the Art for Peace competition organized by the Kizito Mihigo Foundation in Rwanda, and was awarded the Jury Prize at the Grand Prix Martial Nsinda de la Poésie Francographe 2023.