Jacqueline Irving


Jacqueline is a consultant economist for the Development Prospects Group, contributing to the work programs of the International Finance, Emerging Global Trends, and Migration and Remittances Teams since 2005. She was a coauthor of the 2006 and 2007 issues of the Global Development Finance report and has also worked for the World Bank’s African Department, assessing the potential for local sources of infrastructure financing in African countries for the financial markets component of the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic program. She has participated in operational work for the IMF on African countries’ access to foreign private capital and has published her research on African securities markets development in papers and articles for the World Bank, IMF, and Economist Intelligence Unit. During the 1990s, she led a team of analysts for the EIU covering financial markets in 45 countries worldwide. She has also consulted for the UN, including the DSG's Development Financing Unit and the Economic Commission for Africa. She has a Master's degree from Columbia University with a specialization in International Economic Policy and a research focus on regional economic integration.