Janamitra Devan

Vice President of the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, leading its financial-sector and private-sector development network

As leader of the network, Dev engages with government policymakers who shape the business environment for the private and financial sectors. To help promote a vigorous private sector, he oversees three Global Practices that foster collaborative public-private dialogue and the development of a regulatory environment that fosters opportunities for entrepreneurship and job creation. To help build resilient financial systems, he oversees three Global Practices that work in the areas of financial-sector diagnostics and policy advice to national financial regulatory and supervisory authorities. Dev also oversees two knowledge-centric practices: the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), which delivers knowledge directed at financial inclusion, and the Global Indicators and Analysis (GIA) Group. Before joining the World Bank Group in October 2009, Dev taught economics at Middlebury College; was a Principal at Standard & Poor’s economic development consulting arm; and spent 12 years at McKinsey & Company, building extensive experience in Asia and North America. He served as the director for Asia at the McKinsey Global Institute, the firm’s economics research arm; he had earlier been the director of global operations for McKinsey’s Strategy Practice. Dev obtained his PhD in Business Economics and International Business from Indiana University.