Jeehye  Kim

Jeehye Kim

Agricultural Economist at the World Bank

Jeehye Kim is an Agricultural Economist at the World Bank where she leads and carries out World Bank missions to client countries in the Africa region. Her work includes advising WB’s client to use digitally-enabled approaches to increase their agricultural projects’ success in sustainable and scalable ways. Applications include mobile-enabled agriculture extension services, mobile money, e-vouchers for agricultural inputs, market price and weather information systems, as well as applications to help smallholder farmers’ access to markets and services. She also builds relationships with industry leaders, executives, development partners, and stakeholders to advance disruptive and digital agricultural technology initiatives, in support of World Bank projects in client countries. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2011, Jeehye worked in both the public and the private sector in Korea and the U.K., respectively. In the private sector, she built expertise in consulting for the high-tech and telecom sectors, as well as electronic commerce and e-government. Kim holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Glasgow.