Jonathan  Stöterau

Jonathan Stöterau

Economist and Impact Evaluation Specialist in the Jobs Group

Jonathan Stöterau is an Economist in the World Bank’s Social Protection & Jobs Global Practice (SPJ) and a member of the Jobs Group. As an impact evaluation specialist, his research focuses on the effectiveness of Active Labor Market Programs such as skills training, employment services, and entrepreneurship support. He published in various peer-reviewed journals, including World Development and Resource and Energy Economics. Within SPJ, Jonathan supports project teams to design, implement and evaluate the impact of innovative approaches in jobs and social protection. He worked with projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA, and Eastern Europe. Jonathan's recent projects include digital skills training, digital labor platforms, and innovative public works programs. Before joining the World Bank in 2020, Jonathan worked as a Labor Economist at the OECD in Paris and as a researcher at the RWI research institute in Berlin. He holds a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Economics from Humboldt University Berlin (Germany), with guest visits at New York University (USA) and Seoul National University (Korea).