Jörg  Langbein

Jörg Langbein

Development Economist, Jobs GP, World Bank

Jörg Langbein is a development economist working as a consultant for the Jobs Group of the World Bank and as an Economist for the German Development Bank (KfW). At the World Bank, he developed tools to facilitate the analysis of labor force surveys for jobs diagnostics. The results contributed to the JOIN database. Furthermore, he was involved in jobs diagnostics and background papers for Systematic Country Diagnostics in several countries with a focus on Sub-Sahara Africa. A key part of Jörg’s research is the analysis of large datasets to identify evidence-based policies on energy, labor and climate change related topics. He frequently applies impact evaluation methods and combines them with spatial economic analysis. Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked as a researcher for the RWI in Essen, Germany, where he also obtained his PhD.