Jose Pablo  Valdes Martinez

Jose Pablo Valdes Martinez

Senior Economist, DECDG, World Bank

Jose Pablo Valdes Martinez is a Senior Economist in the Development Economics Data Group at the World Bank, with more than 16 years of experience in national accounts.

In his current position in the Bank, he provides advice to client countries to improve the compilation and implementation of economic statistics and national accounts; leads and participates in missions to assess client countries’ national accounts and economic statistics; and provides training and technical assistance in national accounts. He also supports the Bank’s responsibilities in international standard-setting bodies and working groups when required.

Before joining the World Bank in 2016, he worked 3 years in the International Monetary Fund as Real Sector Statistics Advisor, managing and overseeing the Fund’s technical assistance in national accounts and price statistics in Central America; and 8 years in the Spanish National Statistics Institute as Senior Statistician, compiling annual and quarterly national accounts.

In the last 8 years, Jose Pablo has conducted more than 80 technical assistance missions in 19 different countries in a wide range of topics, such as national accounts rebasing, annual accounts, quarterly accounts, input-output tables, regional accounts, sectoral accounts, distributional national accounts or satellite accounts.

He has a degree in Mathematics from Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain, and a Masters Degree in Applied Statistics and Statistics for the Public Sector from Universidad de Alcalá, Spain.