Karlygash Dairabayeva

Karlygash Dairabayeva


Karlygash Dairabayeva is a consultant at the World Bank in Washington, DC. She is a development economist with more than 8 years of experience in public and private sectors. She has consulted on a variety of development and trade-related issues, such as trade facilitation, trade costs, competitiveness, logistics and trade policy, including the assessments of Kazakhstan’s, Kyrgyz Republic’s and Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Customs Union, and assessment of impact of Turkmenistan’s accession to the WTO.

In the past, she has worked with the financial soundness indicators for insurance and banking sectors in South Asia. In addition to her work at the Kazakhstan Agency for Civil Affairs, Karlygash has provided tax expertise to international companies on international tax structuring, taxation of banking and custodial activity at PricewaterhouseCoopers Kazakhstan.

She has contributed to the following books: “Improving Trade and Transport for Landlocked Developing Countries (2014), “The Modern Silk Road - Creating Reliable Supply Chains through Central Asia” (2014), “Corruption and its Manifestation in the Persian Gulf” (2010). Her recent article “Targeted Trade-Related Policies and Manufacturing Firm Productivity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Effect of Corruption” has been published in the Global Economy Journal.

She holds a PhD in International Business/Trade from the George Washington University, and an MPA from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management and Strategic Research (KIMEP). She was born in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.