Katy Lackey

Research Specialist at WERF

Katy Lackey is a Research Specialist at WERF, working in Energy, Climate Change, and Sustainable Integrated Water Management. Her work focuses primarily on extreme events and long-term resiliency planning; climate information and data needs; energy efficiency and recovery; and stormwater management. Katy has extensive international and domestic experience in research, assessment, community advocacy, and program development. Prior to joining WERF, Katy worked for four years as a Program Coordinator with World Camp, Inc. in India and Malawi. She conducted research and directed outreach programs with local stakeholders to increase access to environmental and health education.

Katy holds an M.A. in Sustainable Development/Natural Resources from the University for Peace in Costa Rica, and an M.A. in International Affairs from American University’s School for International Service in Washington, D.C.