Khrystyna Kushnir

Operations Analyst

Khrystyna Kushnir joined the Doing Business team in November 2013 and currently works on the Getting Credit - Credit Information indicator, after a two-year period of working on the Trading across Borders indicator. Prior, she worked on the Women, Business and the Law project, which measures legal gender gap in 143 economies. Before that, Ms. Kushnir collected and analyzed data on micro, small and medium enterprises country indicators covering 132 economies. Before joining the World Bank Group, she worked as a Research Assistant for Central and Eastern Europe at the Heritage Foundation, where she updated the 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. Ms. Kushnir also worked, as a Research Analyst, for the Japanese consultancy Washington CORE on Russian and Asian markets. Ms. Kushnir holds MA in International Economic Relations from the American University and is a Fulbright scholar.