Kseniya Lvovsky

Kseniya Lvovsky

Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy; Europe and Central Asia

Kseniya Lvovsky is the Practice Manager for Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy (ENB) in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Sustainable Development Department of the World Bank.

Previously, she served as ENB Practice Manager in South Asia, Country Manager for Albania, Head of the Corporate Climate Change Program, and Lead Environmental Economist.

Since joining the World Bank in 1993, Kseniya led various programs on pollution management, environmental health, sustainable energy, climate change, green growth policies, and—most recently—Blue Economy, working across disciplines and defining strategic directions on several issues in the environment-development interface.

Kseniya is the lead author of several influential World Bank reports. She comes from an early cohort of economists who started working on environmental issues, completing her PhD thesis on integrating environmental considerations in economy-wide modeling in 1982.