Lauri  Pynnonen

Lauri Pynnonen

Senior Education Specialist

Lauri joined the World Bank in 2020 as a Senior Education Specialist, focusing on projects aimed at decentralization of education funding, advocating for equitable access to education, and supporting early childhood education initiatives. In 2021, he transitioned to the World Bank's Vietnam office, where he contributed to the digital transformation of the higher education sector. Since 2022, Lauri has been actively involved in supporting education projects in Cambodia and Laos, covering projects from early childhood to higher education. Prior to his tenure at the Bank, Lauri accumulated extensive experience in education technologies and teacher education across various regions, including Pakistan, Ukraine, and Eritrea. Academically, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Technologies and a Master's degree in Embedded Systems. Lauri is currently on track to complete his PhD in Education by the summer of 2024.