Levent  Karadayi

Levent Karadayi

Economist for Western Balkan countries at the IFC

Levent Karadayi is Economist for Western Balkan countries at the IFC. He joined the World Bank Group in 2013 as Advisor to the Executive Director representing Turkey at the Board of Directors. Before joining IFC in 2016, he assumed a short-term assignment at MIGA to help it generate business in Turkish subnational infrastructure space. Prior to the World Bank, Levent worked at the Turkish Treasury where he served in various positions between 2002-2013. As a Head of Department, he led the Energy and Extractives SOEs Department in 2012-2013, and advised Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economy in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis between 2009 and 2012. Levent holds a Master of Economics degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.