Lucia Brajkovic

Lucia Brajkovic

Education Specialist

Lucia Brajkovic is an Education Specialist with the Education Global Practice at the World Bank, based in Croatia. She is currently working on the project involving improving elementary education in Croatia, and on the education and skills development in the lagging region of Slavonia. She also serves as the executive director of the Higher Education Initiative for Southeastern Europe (HEISEE).

Lucia completed her doctoral degree at the Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia, USA, where she served as a Fulbright Fellow. Her research focuses on political economy and higher education systems in post-socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. She is also exploring higher education finance models, internationalization of higher education, and education in lagging regions.

Her work has been published in International Higher Education, European Journal of Higher Education, Policy Reviews in Higher Education, Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions and other venues.

Lucia also holds a Master’s degree in philosophy and sociology from the University of Zagreb and a diploma in public relations management.