Marc Juhel

Marc Juhel

Sector Manager, Transport

Marc Juhel became Sector Manager of the Transport Division, in the Transport, Water and ICT Department in May 2007. Previously, he was Lead Transport Specialist in the Bank’s central Transport Division.

His specific areas of expertise are the development planning of port facilities, the economic, financial and institutional aspects of transport systems administration and management, and the integration of national logistics functions within the international transport system, focusing in particular on transport and trade facilitation issues. Beside providing operational support to transport projects undertaken with World Bank financing, his duties as co-leader of the Ports, Rail, Aviation and Logistics (PRAL) Thematic Group of the Bank, and as co-manager of the Trade Logistics Group established between the Bank Trade and Transport Departments, entailed a close follow-up on the managerial and technical developments in the transport industry, as well as in the field of supply chain management and related logistic activities.

Under his leadership, the Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade (GFP) was created in 1999. The GFP is a global forum and collaborative tool with the UN Trade Facilitation Network of Partners and Practitioners and Policy-Makers in trade and transport facilitation activities. Led by the World Bank (ETWTR-PRMTR), the GFP aims at pulling together public and private, national and international interested parties who want to achieve significant improvements in transport and trade facilitation in World Bank member countries. He is also a sitting member of the GFP Steering Committee.

Mr. Juhel joined the World Bank in 1992 as a Port Specialist. He previously spent 11 years with a French Consulting Group, as a project manager then as Head of the Ports and Inland Waterways Department. In this capacity, he managed port and maritime development projects in about 25 countries, and had been teaching at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris, and at the Le Havre University. Before this period he spent two years in Ivory Coast as adviser to the Director of Port and Industrial Affairs in the Marine Ministry, and two years as Head of the Infrastructure Projects Department in Mayotte, Comoros.

Mr. Juhel holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC, Paris), a Master of Science in Public Management (ENPC, Paris), and a Master of Science in International Transport (Paris I University).