Mariam  Nusrat

Mariam Nusrat

Education Specialist, World Bank

Mariam Nusrat is an Education Specialist with the World Bank MENA team and an EdTech Fellow with the World Bank Education GP. Her experience spans regional and country projects across primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education in South Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and currently Middle East and North Africa. A key focus of her work has been on digital skills and mainstreaming results-based financing (RBF) in World Bank lending. Her expertise is often sought for designing coherent program boundaries, creating effective results indicators, implementing various fund flow mechanisms and aligning WB operations with RBF priorities of clients and donors.

Mariam holds two Masters Degrees, an MA in International Development Studies from George Washington University, USA and an MSc in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan. She is also the Founder of GRID - Gaming Revolution for International Development, a social initiative that she started as a GWU student to leverage mobile games for behavioral change. She has spoken about games for development at several high level forums including, two sessions moderated by President Clinton at CGIU Meeting and two Tedx events in DC. She is also the recipient of the 2015 Andrew E. Rice Award for “Leadership & Innovation” by the Society of International Development, the GWU Knapp Fellowship and the Public-Service Grant Commission Award and the CGIU Honor Roll Alum Award