Meijun  Qian

Meijun Qian

Professor of Finance, Academic Dean, Zhejiang University International Business School

Meijun Qian is a Professor of Finance and Academic Dean of the Zhejiang University International Business School and an Honorary Professor of Finance at the Australia National University. She was also a consultant economist for the Asian Development Bank and a visiting scholar at the Becker and Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago. Her research interests include financial system and economic development in China and India, managerial incentives in state capitalism, alternative finance, mutual funds, infrastructure and productivity, and diversity. Her research has appeared in top-tier academic journals, including Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Management Science, and Journal of Financial Intermediation. It has also been presented to regulators, including The Stock Exchange Committee, Federal Reserve Banks, People's Bank of China, The Capital Market Board of Turkey, World Economy Forum, and The Wilson Center.